Volunteer Opportunities

Scottsville Lions Club
Join us in making a difference! As a Lion, you’ll join a local group of service-minded men and women who are working together to strengthen your community. You’ll also be part of something bigger—a worldwide network of dedicated volunteers in over 46,000 clubs. Be the difference in your community. Be a Lion!
Local contact: Scottsville Lions Club

Beautification Committee
The Beautify Scottsville Committee is made up of a group of volunteer Scottsvillians who work with the Village Board, local businesses’ and groups, WCCSD and residents to make the Village look aesthetically pleasant to see, visit and reside in. Participation in the Committee is welcome, free and open to all.  Your participation requires little of your time; we meet regularly when we need to plan activities and the rest of the time we admire the efforts of everyone who participated.  Please think of bringing your ideas and creativity to the committee to make our Village an even more beautiful place to live.
Contact:  889-6050

Village of Scottsville Planning/Zoning Boards
The Board is comprised of village residents who study and vote on applications for site plan review, special use permits.  The Board also participates in official map changes, zone changes as well as the adoption and changes to the zoning ordinance, zoning map and master plan.
Contact:  889-6050

Smith-Warren American Legion Post 367
If you have served federal active duty in the United States Armed Forces during any of the war eras and have been honorably discharged or are still serving -- you are eligible for membership in The American Legion!
Website Link:  Smith-Warren Website

Village of Scottsville Forestry Board
Founded around the principal that Scottsville’s trees, one of the Village’s greatest assets, are aging and unsafe, and the canopy is in need of preservation, the Scottsville Forestry Board “manages” village trees on public property.  We are a committee of residents of the Village of Scottsville, with functional and fiduciary responsibilities as a Board and to the Village Board.  Our work is that of planning preservation and replacement activities, and advising the Village Board for action.  The work of removing and maintaining (pruning) trees is accomplished through contractors or employees of the DPW. The Mayor and the DPW Superintendent are ad hoc members of the Tree Board.  We meet monthly and as needed to accomplish our goals.
Contact:  889-6050