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Scottsville, NY – Tree City, USA
Scottsville is designated as a Tree City, USA of the National Arbor Day Foundation as of 2015. Together we work as a community for the common goal of a vibrant, healthy tree canopy. The Village of Scottsville is committed to a livable and welcoming community that supports a healthy environment for its residents. This effort includes improving and maintaining the Village tree streetscape in partnership with residents and community organizations and businesses.

The Benefit of Trees
Trees planted in the Village right of ways and parks provide many benefits. Trees enhance our walkable neighborhoods, provide shade for humans and a habitat for wildlife. They enhance the visual beauty, decrease traffic noise, reduce erosion and pollution in our waterways, give off oxygen and enhance air quality.

About the Village of Scottsville Forestry Board
The advisory board is comprised of Scottsville resident volunteers who work to promote and manage the village canopy along our streets and in our parks. The board plans and implements the annual Arbor Day tree plantings, seeks grants to purchase trees, oversees the planting and maintenance schedule that supports the preservation and improvement of the urban canopy. All village stakeholders are invited and welcome to join in this effort.

Join Us
Meetings are held in the Scottsville Village Office on the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Wheatland Municipal Building. If you are interested, please contact the Village Clerk. All are welcome.

Village of Scottsville Forestry Board
Brandon Burger
Michael Souers
Rick VenVertloh
Camille Martina
Silvia Benso
Wendy Marks

Community Partners

How to donate to buy a village tree
Contact – (585) 889-6050 or villageclerk@scottsvilleny.org

Questions or concerns
Contact – (585) 889-6050 or villageclerk@scottsvilleny.org

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