Local Government

Forestry Board

The Scottsville Forestry Board consists of volunteer members who wish to share their love of trees with the residents, visitors and those passing through.  They help promote and manage the urban forest in Scottsville to create the beautiful trees along our streets and open spaces.  After many hours of work, the Tree Inventory and Risk Assessment has been completed.  Scottsville was fortunate to receive funding through a grant offered by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

Tree Inventory and Risk Report 2019
Scottsville's Environmental Commitment Through Urban Forestry

Founded around the principle that Scottsville’s trees, one of the village’s greatest assets, are aging and unsafe, and the canopy is in need of preservation, the Scottsville Forestry Board “manages” village trees on public property.

We are a committee of residents of the Village of Scottsville, with functional and fiduciary responsibilities as a Board and to the Village Board.  Our work is that of planning preservation and replacement activities, and advising the Village Board for action.  The work of removing and maintaining (pruning) trees is accomplished through contractors or employees of the DPW. The Mayor and the DPW Superintendent are ad hoc members of the Tree Board.  We meet monthly and as needed to accomplish our goals.

We’ve been in place for about six years, mostly in the background as we organize and create our vision and mission, ordinances, and a Management Plan.  Members include a cross section of village residents; we employ the services of a professional arborist and a DEC Forester, who advises us.  Our funding comes from the Village and grants from state and federal sources.

Here is a partial list of the various activities performed by the Tree Board and its members.
•    Inventory the trees and their condition on public property to prepare for their succession
•    Plan for plantings, pruning, and removals, and track the results of the planning
•    Work with village stakeholders – schools, utilities, officials, contractors, and residents – for the common goal of a vibrant, healthy canopy
•    Educate the public on trees and their value to individuals, homeowners, and communities
•    Reach out to other communities who share common issues with Scottsville on trees and tree health
•    Perpetuate a Forestry Board and Management Plan to ensure that our tree health remains a priority to the Village of Scottsville

As of 2015, we are a Tree City USA of the National Arbor Day Foundation, an honor that villages and cities have to earn through sound organizational practices and activities.  We are always need and welcome volunteers on our board.  Periodically we need help in the following areas: finance, grants, Earth Day/Arbor Day events and celebration, modern methods of communication on issues and activities with Scottsville residents, photography, writing, and computer applications.  School, Scouts, and community projects are always welcome – please inquire!