The Village of Scottsville

Founded 1789

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Mayor Paul Gee
I was first elected as Village Trustee in 2000, appointed Deputy Mayor in 2008 and elected Mayor in 2010. During my tenure on the board, I have written grants totaling $175,000 for such things as park improvements, sidewalk replacements, maintenance equipment and sewer repairs. As a board member, I helped guide the Village during the building of the fire hall. I am currently leading the effort to convert our sewage treatment plant to a county pump station which could result in long term savings to the Village.

My objective has always been to serve on the board with integrity, fairness and fiscal responsibility. I am honored to serve as Mayor of Scottsville.

Mr. James Clark was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2010. He is liaison to the Village parks, Clerk’s office and the Waste Water Treatment plant. Jim became interested in Scottsville's history and views serving on the Village Board as a way learn more about Scottsville as well as to assist others on issues that will keep the Village viable and growing while maintaining that rural feeling.

Jim, his wife Carol, and their three sons Danny, Aaron and Brandon moved to Scottsville in 2002. Their initial draw to the Village is the small hometown atmosphere and the fact that everyone knows and looks out for one another. Another draw to our Village for Jim is knowing that Scottsville is still considered rural but is just minutes away from shopping and the City of Rochester.  Jim enjoys spending time with his family and participates in boy scouts with two of his sons he also enjoys camping with them whenever he can. Jim has worked for Wegmans for the past 24 years, 12 of which were in various stores and the past 12 (and counting) driving truck. 

James Clark
Rick Clark
I accepted an appointment to the Village Board this past June and am honored to be able to work with such a dedicated team. My wife Wendy, our daughter Megan, and I moved to Scottsville in 1990 to be part of a community that included a strong school system and a safe, comfortable environment to raise a family. We were drawn to the small village atmosphere with great neighborhoods and a traditional Main Street that also provided services, including a Main Street library, a local Post Office, Fire and Rescue Services, multiple small business, churches, and organizations all within walking distance. Over the years, not only have we enjoyed the festivals, parades, sporting events, concerts, and recreational activities, but also the character and charm of this historic village. I have lost count of how many times we've said, "This is exactly why we moved here."

As a Village Trustee, I look forward to supporting the planned growth of our community, a strong school system, a vibrant Main Street, enhanced public services and facilities, and to building collaborative relationships that will continue to improve our ability to maintain the historic charm, ambiance and integrity of this village.

Alex Ronnenberg
Leslie Wager
I was elected as a Trustee to the Village of Scottsville in March of 2010.  In April 2010, I was given the honor of being appointed as Deputy Mayor.  Prior to my election and subsequent appointment, I was appointed to the Planning Board in the mid 90's and, more recently, served as Chair of the Village Planning Board.  I was also a seated member of the Village Zoning Board.   As a Village Trustee, I also serve as a liaison to the Code Enforcement Officer, the Village Planning/Zoning Board and Monroe County Planning and Development.

I moved to Scottsville in 1976 and immediately knew that it would become home to me.  My two children, Erika and Casey, were born and raised here which helped to solidly connect me to the many facets of the community.  I have been an active member in my spiritual community of St. Mary's since my arrival in Scottsville.  I have been a member of Parish Council for several terms, and currently serve on the Finance Committee.  I had the pleasure of being elected to the Wheatland Chili School Board in the early 90's, which as a parent, was an exciting time for me.  Now, many years later, I hold a position with the District, working in the classroom with many of the TJ Connor students.

My dedication to the Village of Scottsville and the community in general, has been long and varied.  It has always been my belief that in serving this community it is my duty to do what is best for the people I serve in a fair and equitable way, while still remaining fiscally responsible.    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so.